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CCTV Surveillance & Security Systems

CCTV Systems are beneficial for both residential and commercial properties.  Once installed and with the correct compliant signage, the system acts as a visual deterrent to would be criminal activity in and around your property.  With the vast range of CCTV equipment available in today’s market place our surveyors would specify the exact camera’s and recording equipment to suit your needs. We also install and maintain IP based systems using the buildings existing network cabling where appropriate

Cash Handling

Due to the nature of retail businesses, a common problem is cash handling by the employee.  By viewing cash register transactions and recording them in real time, you are able to monitor, with great accuracy any irregular activity which would prevent cash losses

Remote Monitoring

All Digital Video Recorders (DVR) installed by Alarming UK can be remotely viewed by the customer whether this is within the building over a local network or off site via the internet. Software is provided at the point of installation and there are no on-going licence fees to pay

Alarming UK also can provide remote CCTV monitoring to our Alarm Receiving Centre where trained staff will view any alarm images and converse with persons seen on site to determine if they are friend or foe. The operator could summon the emergency services if required which would reduce any possible loss of stock or equipment

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A brief note to say thank you to Peter who seviced our alarm today. He was very courteous, friendly and helpful - well done!

George Hayes, Beetley


Mrs K Middleton, Flagship Housing Group

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